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Trade financing under short-term export credit insurance

Trade financing under short-term export credit insurance is abbreviated for export credit insurance financing,it is export financing that the bank provides to the exporter which has got short term export credit insurance coverage against insurance policy,commercial documents and rights and interest transferring voucher.
i.It helps speed up the turnover of funds and enlarges overseas market;
ii.It helps explore overseas market in more favorable conditions and enhances the international competitiveness;
iii.It helps avoid exchange rate risk.
Service object:
Corporate customers that have insured export credit insurance to evade credit risk of buyer and country risk.
Business process:
i.Customer insured short term export credit against all risks to the insurance company which shall apply for the credit limit for the buyer;
ii.Customer would apply for financing under export credit insurance with export declaration confirmed by the insurance company, approved export credit insurance limit and commercial documents such as invoice,B/L,etc;
iii.Customer shall sign indemnity transferring agreement with our bank and insurance company, to transfer the rights and interests to our bank;
iv.To sign Contract on trade financing under short-term export credit insurance and release the fund after it's approved.