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Domestic Foreign Exchange Loan

Our bank provides loan to corporate customers in the form of foreign exchange and shall be repaid in contract rate and duration.
The currency of foreign exchange loan include USD,JPY,EUR and other exchangeable currencies approved by our bank.Domestic foreign exchange loan is for external payment only, settlement of exchange is prohibited.
Service object:
Corporate customers which meet policies of SAFE are qualified to apply for domestic foreign exchange loan.
Business process:
i.Customers shall open domestic foreign exchange loan special account;
ii.Customers shall provide application, contract, invoice, customs declaration and other requested documents;
iii.Customers shall provide approved assurance and sign《Contract on Foreign Exchange Loan》 and 《Contract of assurance/mortgage/pledge》(if necessary) after approval;
iv.The loan would be released to the domestic foreign exchange loan special account and shall be applied in line with the regulations of SAFE.