As an appointed foreign exchange transaction bank, our bank makes transactions between RMB and foreign exchange with customers in accordance with relevant regulations, purchase and sale of foreign exchange included.
i.As member of China Foreign Exchange Trade System, our bank owns the advantage of pricing;
ii.It meets the requirements of outward payment and domestic payment;
iii.Customers may sign 《foreign exchange settlement and sale agency agreement》with our bank and our bank shall deal with business of buying and selling foreign exchange for the customers.
Service Object:
Corporate customers who comply with regulations of SAFE are qualified to buy and sell foreign exchange.
Business process;
i.To open accounts. Customers who deal with business of buying and selling foreign exchange shall open foreign exchange account and RMB account in the Bank;
ii.To entrust. Customer shall fill in application or letter of entrustment, present requested documents in validity, then transfer foreign exchange or RMB into accounts Dezhou Bank appointed;
iii.To make transaction. Dezhou Bank shall make transactions between foreign exchange and RMB at the exchange rate of the day after examination, and make fund delivery on per value date.



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